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On-the-fly transparent disk enryption software

Our On-the-Fly Encryption Software ( 

CryptoExpert is an advanced on the fly encryption software. It creates encrypted container(s) (secure files vault). It is possible to mount container file as usual hard drive (this operation requires password authorization). And work with this virtual drive as with any usual hard drive.

CryptoExpert 2018 Professional


Features of CryptoExpert 2018 Pro:

  • Ability to create container(s) up to 250 Gb in size
  • Four encryption alorithms: AES, Blowfish, Cast, 3DES
  • Network Support (ability to create containers at network drives, mount containers from network, share virtual drives between network users)
  • USB Flash Drives support to keep containers decryption keys
  • Windows Vista Compatible


Download trial (31 day free) version:
cryptoexpert2018pro_setup.exe (2.5Mb)  
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. October 11, 2008




CryptoExpert Express

Features of CryptoExpert Express:

  • 10 Gb ($49.95) version with ability to create volumes up to 10240 Mb in size.
  • 4 encryption alorithms: AES, Blowfish, Cast, 3DES
  • Small, Fast and really easy to use!
  • Personal and Commercial use


Download trial (31 day free) version:
cexpertxp_setup.exe (800Kb)  

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